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Supercharging Airdrops on Berachain

Imagine getting whitelisted for token airdrops from exciting new protocols on Berachain because you hold HENLO, a Bit Bear NFT, Honeycomb NFT or iBGT. With Airdrop Recipes, Ramen makes that possible.

Earn allocation in Curated Launches

The Gacha Kitchen enables you to reserve allocation to the best Curated Launches in an equitable, transparent, and accessible manner. The more Gacha you have, the higher your chances to get valuable allocations.

Leverage the growth of the Berachain ecosystem with gRAMEN

With gRAMEN, you earn allocation to the most exciting launches on Berachain while enjoying real yield. gRAMEN enables you to capitalize on the explosive growth of Berachain.


Experience efficient liquidity bootstrapping, price discovery, and token distribution

highlight-0100% liquidity locked for Proof of Liquidity
highlight-1Seamless token airdrop and sale execution
highlight-2Audited token vesting contracts
highlight-3Robust user referral bonus mechanism
Curated Launches
Standard fixed-price token sale in a classic format
  1. Private whitelist pre-sale option available
  2. Transparent and provably fair Gacha lottery draw
  3. Increased allocation cap in extended window for balance overflow
Permissionless Launches
Transparent and organic onchain market making & price discovery
  1. Maximum flexibility and accessibility with no lock-up and vesting period
  2. Organic onchain price discovery
  3. Fees accrued from trading activity to be distributed to gRAMEN holders


Your Journey to Berachain and Proof of Liquidity Starts Here

Bootstrapping liquidity and acquiring token holders have never been easier.

Engage loyal ecosystem supporters
Engage and reward long-term ecosystem supporters with Airdrop Recipes. Token airdrops have never been this simple and powerful.
Launch it your way
Experience utmost flexibility to solve your sophisticated token needs. With our suite of solutions, we make it happen on Ramen.
Deep liquidity from day one
Get started the right way and plug into the deepest pools of liquidity on Berachain with our ecosystem partners.

Launch with Ramen

Launching a token doesn't have to be rocket science. With Ramen, you can focus on what's truly important: building the most innovative and valuable protocols on Berachain.

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